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Default Re: The dark days of Obama's rule begin

Originally Posted by DefCon_!1! View Post

clinton reduced our debt by alot, and then Bush just F*** it up again
Clinton also made the douche move of giving China favored nation status for trading. Since he did that, all of our jobs are going overseas.

And somewhere people seem to forget that Bush doesn't make all the decisions, very few in fact. Remember those things called a Congress and a Senate? Oh thats right, they APPROVE everything. forgot about that..

Originally Posted by root View Post
I also (always) find it hard to believe that in America you're either blue or you're red either republican, or democrat. what's up with that?

Why is there no party that just takes the best ideas of both?

IMO there are somethings that you need to be conservative about, and somethings that you need to be liberal about. how can you define yourself by a simple tag?
+1 (tried adding, already added too much to you )

I agree 100%. Unfortunately not enough people in the US are open minded enough to do their own research they only believe what CNN or FOX tells them, both are biased. Third parties do exist, they just can't create enough money to get their campaign out there or recognized because people don't research them, some don't even know about them because they ONLY listen to the media.
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