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Default Re: The dark days of Obama's rule begin

clearly nobody here understands how taxation works...

Assuming that you earned $1,000,000 you'd take home $1,000,000 - tax (we'll say @20%) = take home of $800,000

now if you earn $2,000,000 your first million is taxed at base rate, the second million is taxed at higher bracket rate.

e,g take home is $1,000,000 - 20% tax, + $1,000,000 - 80% tax
take home is $800,000 + $200,000 = $1mil.

you don't get to earn $1mill and get taxed 80% on that, as then someone earning $999,999 could get to take home more.

I also (always) find it hard to believe that in America you're either blue or you're red either republican, or democrat. what's up with that?

Why is there no party that just takes the best ideas of both?

IMO there are somethings that you need to be conservative about, and somethings that you need to be liberal about. how can you define yourself by a simple tag?
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