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Default Re: Is it ok to leave a CRT monitor on 24/7

Originally Posted by Teny View Post
i set mines to 1 min back then before i went to sleep, because its hard to keep my room dark at night and from letting my parents know that im still awake.
But now, i use a Laptop, which is more energy efficient than the desktop and LCD. I use my Desktop for about 5 hours a day for gaming, so that takes a lot of energy since its using a lot of load.
the light trouble eh ...what i do, is get like a pare of pants and lie them down along the bottom crack of the door. That blocks the light...and therefore your parents will think its dark hehe.
I do that a lot ...expecially if my parents keep bugging me cause of the light.
As for bedtime, i really don't have one...but i go to bed when i need to...which is all dependant on when i need to wake up the next day really.
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