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Default Re: Future Build - Your Thoughts

Originally Posted by Teny View Post
so im assuming you are going to get an C2D? because the board only supports C2D, and not C2Q
also, the Max RAM speed that board supports is 667mhz, and not 800mhz, so that means you would have to change your ram to 667mhz instead of 800mhz (6400). I think it might be harder to OC to get the 1:1 ratio if you wanted to.
On some tests, an 5:4 ratio is faster than 1:1 ratio, but the 1:1 give you better timings, and more stable your ram becomes.
the chipsets also seem kind of old.

How much are you planning to save up for your future build?
Well I am using $300 out of the money that the college gave me. Then I figure I might get a couple hundred for the computer I gave Mom since, well the one I got has a shot motherboard and had to put the hard drive in my computer as a second hard drive. I may try to weasel out a couple hundred more, so around $600-700.

After taking another look at that mobo, I saw that it only supports 4GB of RAM, so I found this mobo instead. Supports 8GB, ATX form factor, and supports C2D. (I feel that a C2Q is too much for what I need it for)
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