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Default Re: trying to make a computer from scratch

Originally Posted by NEED WOW NOW View Post
Few things:

One: I would not get the motherboard bundles because most of the ones I see on tigerdirect aren't that great. Plus you have to buy a Heatsink for the CPU anyway as it doesn't come with the bundle.
Two: I would kill my self if I had that video card in my computer. Not only is it worse than some onboard video cards, but its out of date. If you plan on running vista that won't work at all.
Three: What operating system are you going to use?
Four: What are you going to be using this computer for? Gaming, Internet/Email/Work, media, etc?

My recommendations for the video card would be a bit more expensive if your going to use this computer for media and DVD's of the sort. The 3450 is a decent card for everyday use.

And for the motherboard and CPU combo's I would buy each separate. I would get:
This motherboard which comes with all the cables you need:
And this CPU, which is great for what your needs are which will come with a CPU heatsink and Fan:
thxs for the replies!

im actually using this computer for a server....the os will be windows server 2003

sry to not tell you guys in the beginning im making my own server

thats why i have a not so good video and sound card because i wouldn't need it and thats why i have 4 GB's of RAM and 1TB of hard drive space

is it still bad though?
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