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Default Re: trying to make a computer from scratch

don't even thing of buying that.
It will be a slow slugggggish one from start.

If You are looking for something cheap and stable, go for:

as mobo,

as processor,

and for VGA get:

for memory, get 2x1 Gbyte ddrII 800 anykind of memory,
as for hdd aim for a samsung ~300 Gbyte drive.

For optical drive, go for a pinoeer 21xD --> cheap and good.

for case chose anything You like, I would suggest to get a normal ATX (4 5,25" drive space) type, for powersupply anything from 400 and above will do just fine. (well.. codegen NOT, never ever buy that. Neighter do mercury.) Get an LC power PSU, those are usualy good ones. (better than avarage, but still affordable rice)

what this setup knows..
Well, some gameing, offcource, and will work flawlessly for a long time. You can get vista on it, no problem. And won't LAG.
If -for some trange reason- it Would, just buy a fast CF card (anything from 233X speed will do) and plug it in, tell windows to use that to store swapfile.
That WILL do the job.
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