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Default Re: Wireless Internet Problems...

Originally Posted by dude_se View Post
1) if you can afford it then do it. it will give you better network speed and coverage, which is always a good thing.
2) pci will always be better, but usb is more convenient. just depends if you want to put the card in another computer regularly, and/or you are confident you can install it. usb adapters work ok for me though, so it just depends on your circumstances.
3) the internet will always work better by cable, but you shouldnt be getting all these wireless problems anyway.
4) well i dont know, something doesnt sound right. how many people are on the network? it may also be a dodgy phone line (if thats how you connect), as mine had the same problem.
5) it says its connected? to where, the network or the internet? if youve tried all new equipment then id either blame low signal/interference, or a faulty line like i said above ^

at my house i have a test socket, which is part of the main phone socket. i test my internet in there if i have problems.
There's only 3 computer's on the network. And it says it's connected to the network but really the internet won't work. Don't know about the phone line I'll ask my dad about it when he comes back from work.

Originally Posted by CrossCech View Post
I'd consider checking the firmware on the Netgear G router first, before attempting to go with a new one. I realize you've tried other routers and adapters with no luck, but perhaps all the routers have outdated firmware (in need of firmware updating). I only bring that up since it hasn't been discussed. I can only assume that the O.P. isn't/wasn't aware of this option.

Is the wireless adapter driver the latest?

When actually connected ... is your signal strength weak ... or excellent ... or somewhere in between? Firmware updates and driver updates have potential to strengthen signals and connectivity, but not always. I'd try this first before shelling out money for brand new equipment.
I don't know if the driver is the latest, I'll update them soon and see if the problem persists. And sometimes the signal is on Very Good and sometimes it's on Low. We have a have double-half triple story house so it could be the walls interfering or the phones or something.

Thanks for all your help! =]
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