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Default My new Xigmatek HDT 1283

I love this thing! It's not too difficult to install. It's lightweight AND is a monster performer. I'm using the push pin system. I know, a lot of people don't like them. But, I do. I find them to be very easy to use and perform well. The weight of the heatsink is 600 grams WITH a 120mm fan. It's for a socket 775 but, can be used with AMD chips, also. It has anti-vibration screws, for the fan. Even at max speed, it isn't very loud. I don't care much about sound anyways. As long as it performs, I couldn't care less. Here are my temperatures. All temperatures are in Celsius.

Intel Q6600 G0 With Stock Heatsink

Idle: Cold boot and let run for 10 minutes.
Core 1: 47
Core 2: 45
Core 3: 42
Core 4: 44

Full Load: Ran Prime95 Stress Test For 15 minutes
Core 1: 64
Core 2: 62
Core 3: 66
Core 4: 68

Intel Q6600 G0 With Xigmatek HDT S1283 =)

Core 1: 32
Core 2: 33
Core 3: 29
Core 4: 28

Load: Ran Prime95 Stress test For 15 Minutes
Core 1: 38
Core 2: 38
Core 3: 32
Core 4: 34

Quite a difference. Prime95 couldn't even break 40C on a full load. This is an amazing heatsink. It comes with a fan. It's isn't too flashy, but it does perform. There is a Red Scorpion version, which, from what I've heard, isn't too much better. The heatsink is extremely lightweight, compared to the competition. I got lucky with this heatsink. It was only a cm from hitting my side panel. It perfoms within a few degrees of the TRUE 120, for less than half the price WITH a fan. I hope I helped someone with this review.
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