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Default Re: Final Decision for CF Homepage.

Originally Posted by UK31337 View Post
No, and no again.

The whole thing is stupid and it would be pointless.

Who would update it? Probably nobody. It would be another aborted piece of crap like "The Project" or the podcast... yay.
agreed.. it would be pointless, would have 5 mins enthusiasm and then disappear, and just left old and not updated.

Originally Posted by Lowndsey View Post
Has it occured to you that some people are just happy with it the way it is?. How does being happy with something make you afraid of change?
im happy with things as they are, nice and simple and un-complex, i cant see the point with making everything more complicated than it needs to be. the theme is nice and easy to read, its laid out well, i dont see the huge issue with it.

Originally Posted by JogaBonito1502 View Post
Hey as far as I know the project is only on hold. We NEED more people to work on this, but we can't seem to get any more. I can't just program a whole freaking game by myself.
well i for one wont be able to do it.. working 6 days a week (at the moment, will probably be up to 7 soon) along with voluntary work, being an instructor at sea cadets, trying to spend time on here, and leaving enough time for me to go down the pub occasionally i just dont have time to spend on pointless things that wont make any difference..

Originally Posted by GlasseyeUK View Post
You should be a politician, keep having polls until you get the result you want..

Absolutely pointless, have refrained from responding in the other 2 threads you made about ths.

Didn't David respond in the original thread in the suggestions section....

Ok not a definitive answer, but since its his forum, the decision ultimately comes to him, surely this will go the way of some of the other ideas, yeah enthusiastic for 10 minutes, then it drifts away.....then its left to David to manage or with an out of date portal page.
exactly.. agree 100%
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