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Default Re: U.S. border agents given power to sieze travellers' laptops...

Originally Posted by muz View Post
just gonna inconvinience yourself there cos they will send it off to somehwere to get it unencrypted and if it cant be then i dunno you prolly wont be getting it back
I'd recommend reading up more about encryption, as I mentioned there are many many types of publicly available encryption that are unbreakable by today's standards, with the most common being AES-256, which I also must mention is approved for US government for protection of the highest security level (top secret), among being used by a great deal of other country's.

If the US government trusts a certain type of encryption for their top secret data, you can be assured that it's virtually unbreakable by today's standards.

I'm just discussing what happens if a person had an encrypted laptop, many businesses are starting to use hard drive encryption techniques to properly secure their data (and it's about time). If a person chooses to not decrypt a properly encrypted computer, they are screwed in their search. I wouldn't let just any random noob at a boarder search my laptop, that's for sure.
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