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Thread: The rant thread
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Default Re: The rant thread

Originally Posted by UK31337 View Post
I closed my Facebook account for a number of personal reasons I won't go into here (because it's pretty boring and pretty messy). Well, I deactivated but can't be arsed jumping through the hoops right now to have it properly deleted even though the hoops are actually in breach of UK Data Protection Law... Facebook do now have a London office so I might just send them a very nice letter

I totally hate Facebook anyway, it's full of annoying, crappy, pointless applications and it's just turned into MySpace with a uniform layout. When I first joined in September 2005 and was open to a small number of University students then it was something special and worth talking about, but not now.

Forums are based around drama and that's what makes them exciting, if it was an orderly Q&A website it would just get boring real quick.
I feel the same way about facebook. When I first joined it really was something unique. It was a community that I wanted to be a part of. As it became more popular they, for some reason, felt they had to commercialize the whole project and go crazy with advertising and 3rd party applications. It just got so stupid. I don't understand how people even want to deal with that crap they shove down their throats every time they log on.
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