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Default Re: downloads slow on only one computer connected to router

Originally Posted by scriptar View Post
At first I thought that either comcast was throttling my connection OR something is wrong with my router. I did a direct connection to the cable modem and still got speeds below 30 kbps. Odd thing was that my desktop, which is connected through the same router, gets normal speeds (above 500 kbps). I never really had to do port forwarding for my desktop or the laptop i am having trouble with, and still got decent download/upload speeds before. I tried downloading at friends house (he also has comcast) and got the same slow speeds there as well. What is going on? Thanks for the help.

Also, i tried to set up a static ip address to do port forwarding, but that would require me to get DNS Servers/Name Servers info from comcast? Anybody try this? Comcast is evil.
Do you have an Anti-Virus program installed on the computer with a slow connection? Try disabling that, and see if it fixes it. It could also be a virus maybe.
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