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Default Re: Latest Version Of VB

Originally Posted by DJ-CHRIS View Post
What sites are using older versions of VB?
Loads, you'd be surprised actually. 3.6.9 doesn't bring any major security revisions to the table, it's just a slight tightening up here and there.

Originally Posted by setishock View Post
The mass thread delete/member ban, while being a handy tool can be dangerous. If the settings are for perm ban and physical deletion of the members threads, a tempermental mod could ban a member and erase their threads for good.
Yeah... I'm very sorry to say I don't think I trust the mods here to behave themselves with this one. As a former mod myself it has to be treated very carefully and I can think of plenty of situations where it could well be misused due to personal grudges and plain crap judgment, I think if it were possible to make the delete-everything feature available to the Admin usergroup only (i.e. only David can do it) then it would be okay; but then again if only one person can do it and it's so rarely necessary, that kind of defeats the point of having it.

As I said in another thread it's bad enough when somebody gets perma-banned on a whim without consulting anyone else and David has to go the trouble of lifting the ban if he thinks it's wrong, causing infighting amongst the mods... completely deleting the user and their entire posting history means there's no going back apart from restoring from backup. Nope, this is too dangerous and it's just as stupid to allow this for the mods as it is to allow raw HTML to be embedded. Bollocks to time saving, David can already do it near instantaneously from the Admin CP if he needs to... the mods most definitely don't need to.
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