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Thread: FSB:RAM Ratios?
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Default Re: FSB:RAM Ratios?

Originally Posted by worshipme View Post

Theoretically, no, especially not if you have to loosen the timings.

At first, I normally leave the timings slack whilst I'm OC'ing the CPU so as to eliminate another variable, then once I've reached the max CPU OC, I lower the timings one by one (starting from the first) to the lowest value I can boot into Windows and complete a P95 blend test with. Once I've decided on the timings, I let the blend test run for 2 hours+ to check for stability.
Example: My timings are 5-5-5 etc etc. I start by lowering the first to 4, the system posts and boots into Windows fine and passes the 5 min stress test. Next, I lower it from 4 to 3, the system fails to POST, I set the value to 4 and proceed to lower the second and so on.

It depends on the "in Windows" reading. 1.4125V may be the BIOS setting, but it's once you're in Windows that you'll know the real value.
The difference between the idle voltage and the under load voltage is Vdroop. Less is better. I pencil mod my board to eliminate Vdroop. There may be one for the Rampage too, just do a little Googling.
Also make sure you do not go above 1.3V on the FSB termination. But this should not be a problem as my E3100 runs 4.2 @ 1.1V FSB termination.
I'm not sure I entirely understood the last part, but for now, 3.6ghz is fast enough XD

I'm going to get my timings lower now Thanks for the advice.


I changed my CAS latency from 5 to 4, and it wouldn't even boot....what's wrong :S? Good thing my mobo has a reset CMOS button
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