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Optimus Ping
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Talking Computer running XP keeps restarting

Hi all,

Straight to the issue.

I have a computer running xp that keeps restarting. It has critical software on it so..a reformatting would be my last step. In addition. I am not able to get to the microsoftupdate site to get any updates. That was going to be my first step.

Here's my plan of action tomorrow morning.

1. I have the free version of AVG installed. I'll scan for viruses.
2. If I can get to the internet i'll download adaware and scan.
3. disk clean
4. defragment?
5. I don't install software on it. but could be something from before so I'll un install anything I don't need.
6. I've been reading that it could be a ram issue? That means just replacing the memory stick right?

Any other suggestions?

Oh I did make sure the box was unchecked --where it says restart during system failure and also checked it to write to the system log in event viewer.

Not able to access the pc right at this time thats why I have to wait until tomorrow to work on it.

Thanks for any insight.. feel free to destroy my plan of action if it's not good! lol
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