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Default Re: after a graphics card not sure

well i think me and you will get along jus fine here,

people say theres nothing like a pc gaming experience but you have to consider the cost,

ok lets say you spend 600 on a decent gaming pc or 400 on a Ps3 overpriced i no but its an example,

ok so for the first 6 months the pc will be better at gaming but then they release a better graphics card and suddenly your card cant get the best out of games n e more so you have to upgrade thats another 150 odd pound for a half decent graphics card, but meanwhile the PS3 will go strong without paying a penny extra for atleast 5 years, and in that 5 year timespan if you want to play games better than the ps3 your gonna have to spend another 500 on your computer on upgrades, faster CPU, more RAM better graphics card.

my point is console gaming is a hell of alot cheaper than pc gaming, "if" you want to call pc gaming better than consol gaming that is, by all mean you can play pc games for cheap with outdated hardware but then it defeats the object of trying to say pc gaming is better.

n e ways i think i have my point across, pc gaming is ok if you have lots of pennies
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