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Default mobo/cpu problem ?

I just finished putting together my first rig and the monitor isn't showing display.

specs are:
Processor -
Ram -
Mobo -

I've taken everything out of the case for now.. running through onboard graphics, bench test set up. I wore an ESD wristband for this and made sure to touch the metal on my case as a extra safety precaution. So, the LED lights and the case fans come on, the PSU fan comes on, The processor fan comes on. The CD-RW drive, when hooked up would open and close on command. I can't tell if the internal drives are running or not because i have no floppy, and the Hard Drive i ordered is sata and there are no power connectors for sata on the PSU so i'm waiting for an adapter. (too lazy to put a working temporary HD in until i fix this problem)
I'm pretty positive I put the CPU in the socket right. The lever seemed to need a little force to push back down, not sure if that's normal or not does a improperly inserted cpu match these symptoms?

I'm running out of ideas and really want to avoid an RMA. I've doubled checked and even triple checked almost every thing else except the processor and the ram. All the other comps here have AMD boards, minus my very old mobo that wont run the stuff anyway. So virtually no way to troubleshoot a DOA mobo or processor. Seems like the PSU is fine since CD drives will open and close, and everything seems to be powered up..
i'll take apart the heat sink fan and check the cpu again later on today. also wasn't sure if i was getting beeps or not because i didn't hook up the mobo speaker. i will do that later today also.

Any other ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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