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Default Re: Funny MGS 4 Video

Originally Posted by esa193 View Post
u forget blueray read speeds r slow
ps3 can read compressed data as fast and 360 can read dvds
Not true

For Blu Ray the breakdown goes like this:
1 at 36 Mbit/s
2 at 72 Mbit/s
4 at 144 Mbit/s
6 at 216 Mbit/s
12 at 432 Mbit/s
Now for a DVD it's like this:
1x at 10.5 Mbit/s
2x at 21 Mbit/s
3x at 31.5 Mbit/s
And for a CD it is:
1x at 1.17 Mbit/s
2x at 2.34 Mbit/s
3x at 3.51 Mbit/s
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