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Thread: wireless power
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Default Re: wireless power

Originally Posted by borat_sagdiyev View Post
right. These are probably people that are sensitive to radio waves. Wifi networks operate at such low power that there are virtually no bad things that can happen.
Yes but there is no 100% evidence that prooves that they are safe , there isnt any conclusive evidence to prove them dangerous either so its still tricky ground , i myself use wi-fi but i still dont accept that it is 100% safe cos there is no proof to suggest that ,
And actually
Originally Posted by
Readings taken for the programme showed the height of signal strength to be three times higher in the school classroom using Wi-Fi than the main beam of radiation intensity from a mobile phone mast.
and we all know the controversy over safety of mobile phone masts dont we
Im not saying it is dangerous i am simply pointing out it is not 100% prooven safe which i know is difficult to proove but until then we cant consider it to be prooven safe

Im not saying your brain will boil if your exposed to wi-fi cos that would be absurd but i am saying we dont yet know if there are any long term effects from the exposure to wi-fi on a daily basis
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