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Default Re: TuniqTower 120 ?

Originally Posted by Jason8284 View Post
I'm really tryna avoid resetting the heatsink, the only way I can work with it is to take the mobo out, because 1 screw is impossible to get in there, im so ticked, I wish I sticked with the zalman, this hs is the worse installation ever

Jason, I installed the Tuniq Tower on my computer in approximately 20-30 minutes while taking my sweet time and even dusting my whole tower. Installation is very easy; I removed the motherboard, removed the Intel heatsink, pasted the back X plate, applied thermal paste, and mounted the Tower onto my Q6600.

Temps are amazing and I haven't had a problem since. The Tuniq outperforms the Zalman, so you've probably:

1. Installed it incorrectly.
2. Put too much/too little thermal paste.
3. Have a concave heatsink surface on the Tuniq.

Also, make sure you've set the Tuniq so that it isn't blowing the hot air back into your computer. The tower should be blowing the hot air toward the back of the computer (depending on your setup), which means the actual heasink will be on its side (see pictures in my thread.)
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