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Thread: wireless router
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Default Re: wireless router

Originally Posted by _-..zKiLLA..-_ View Post
this things a beast, but if ur going for something cheaper then just go for the one i mentioned above. and yes the USB adapters get very hot especially when on for long periods of time. ud be better of getting a PCI card
i'm not too worried about price since the parents are flipping the bill. i wanna stay away from the linksys just because of the problems we are having with the one now they will prob be like wtf y'd you just get another. so as of now i'd prob go with this one you guys are callin a beast. but on new egg there is no customer reviews, how you know this is any better than the other 300mbs ones.

i'll probably stay with the usb thing for my comp since i have the least probs or upgrade later but upgrade my sisters now since she always has problems. what would be a good pci card to go with. these i know nothing on. originally i was told to go with the usb before i got into the computers just because the cost was less and it did the same job
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