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Thread: what job?
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Default what job?

well im graduating this month and theres 2 places i can go to work at, a cheese factory which pays 800-900 every 2 weeks start pay (goes up to 20 bux a hour) or i can work at Att as a customer service rep makin like 385 a week.
Cheese factory perps are more money no dealing with people's bs lol!

att perps more layed back physically

i dunno what to choose, the att people told me back in feb to call them back when i graduate and gave me like 3 numbers just in case and told me to save them lol (i think they liked how i said i type 80wpm, only reason i said that was because i can type that fast without mistakes, with like 3-4 mistakes i can do 110+) and the cheese factory pays alot, like my bro works there and hes made quite a bit of money so far and im just trying to save up for the police acadamy next summer (rent, bills, gf blah blah) o yeah cheese factory has rotating hours and its hard work so i will be in shape for the police acadamy (hardest police acadamy in cali, harder than any military boot camp lol) lol sry for long post! thanks in advanced hah
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