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Default Re: Such an amazing day... Just landed an AMAZING job...

"Roy of San Juan Bautista CA (02/20/08)
My 19 year old son applied for a job in the local paper. It read, 20-25 people needed for warehouse and assembly work, $1.600 monthly. He called and was told nothing about door to door cold sales, Kirby Vacuums or anything. He was set up with an appointment for an interview for the next day. I drove him down and in 15 minuets he was hired and was told to come back the next day for orientation. He was told about Kirby and this was not cold door to door sales. This was a preset appointments already set up.

He also signed a contract that was a bunch of goobaly goop. It turned out to be a contract saying he was a contractor for Kirby and he will be working independently. My son does not understand the legal part of being an outside contractor. He went to orientation and training and spent about 10 hrs on that. Then the next day went out for 12 hrs. door to door in not such a very nice neighborhood after dark. (9:00am to 9:00pm) And was left to go do this by himself. He called me in a panic at 7:30 pm scared because no one has picked him up yet after his rounds of door slamming. He had been waiting there for 1 1/2 hrs. I went to check on him and could not find him. Seeing the irresponsibility of the management of this company and how they treat people, I had him quit. A few days later he called his boss to ask if he could get paid for what he did. He Made 3 appointments and 2 call backs. He was told he was not going to be paid anything that he was a contractor. THIS IS CHEAP LABOR! To treat people like this. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM KIRBY!

My son desperately needed a job and was enthusiastic about it. He has bills to pay. And this WASTED TIME put him back further."

^That is basically my EXACT same story...

I am extremely pissed. I am doing my own appointments I made with my friends already (not going to actually do them, just gonna chill around for an hour and have them verify over the phone with my boss I am there) and collect my money. Then I'm done. I'll try it for a week, and hopefully get my 15 appointments, which I'm sure I'll be able to do. They don't even have to buy it. I'm extremely friendly and well mannered in person with people and I get people to be friends with me very easily, so I don't think I will have doors exactly slammed on me. But if it is how they described even the employees themselves, I am doing it for one week, getting my 15 done, and quiting. Then getting my 475$ check and BOUNCING out that muhhhhh.

I'm pretty pissed. But I have another business thats actually legit that does graphic design advertising in the local area of Central Florida/Florida, and I think I have an interview with them this week. So thats pretty good, plus its something I know is real, will pay good because it takes a craft, is fun, and dosen't take alot of work because it is actually fun

Anyways... I am disappointed in this, and I will just have to see how it goes...
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