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Default Re: Such an amazing day... Just landed an AMAZING job...

Originally Posted by borat_sagdiyev View Post
That sounds like some shady ass sh*t^

I'm sure glad the office I'm working at isn't like that at all. I don't know how other Kirby offices do it, but for mine, we go in at 9:30AM, have a 1 hour meeting, and then do office work.

A) We DON'T go door to door. We are given appointments that customers/offices CALL US and ask for demonstrations because they've found out from someone else how well the product works.

B) I DON'T use my own vehicle, they take us to the appointments in a van. WE DON'T SOLICIT at the place I am working.


D) Our demonstrations (which we have been doing and learning for the last few days) only last 30 MINUTES. Maybe 2 minutes to first meet with them and small talk a little bit to break the ice.

E) Biggest and MOST importantly, I don't have to sell ANY products, and NO MATTER WHAT, I still get a 475$ check EVERY FRIDAY. If I DO sell one, I get commission anywhere between 500-1000$ (Depending on how badly the buyer gets screwed on the price by the sales manager I guess)

F) Going along with E, all I have to do is have 15 appointments (pre scheduled for me) a week. As long as they know I am doing the appointments and I call and let them know, they check each one off, and I get my check.

G) Out of state meetings? Thats complete BS.

H) Training un paid? BS. They give me a Kirby to take home tomorrow and Tuesday to practice with and basically show my friends and family. I get 10$ for each person I show. I brought in my appointment list with 13 scheduled appointments today, and I got 130$ CASH in hand THIS DAY. So don't give me that BS because you f*cks don't know what you are saying.

I) You don't have to work 7 days a week. THAT is BS too.

Sensei, I respect you and everything, but you mentioning that I am making 100,000$ a year was crap and I never said that. All I said was I am being started at 475 a week NO MATTER WHAT without even selling a product, and that if I am not late for the first 30 days by even a minute, I get a 1,000$ sign-on bonus. I said there is a CHANCE of getting a management position if you show you are a hard worker and can learn the system quickly in 2-3 months.

YES, I was incorrect about the "paid vacations". I had the idea you could plan out whatever vacation you wanted anywhere or w/e and they payed for everything. That isn't the case. The top sellers get to go with the boss and managers and its to places like Las Vegas, Hawaii, Paris, etc. And you are given plane tickets, limo service anywhere, free food, free spa treatment, free room service, free everything except for if you do your own personal shopping. And yes, free drinks too ;P

You guys seriously make it out to be the devil's job based on the things people wrote on that site. And yeah, even I say the things I read on that site make me gag. It looks TERRRRIBLE. And if my job was ever anything like that, I would instantly quit the first day. ESPECIALLY if I was an employee like that guy described.

And there is a competition every month. Sell 5 kirby's, get a video camera or something. Sell 10, get a Laptop, and a nice one too , Sell 15, get an 8GB iphone and service plan included for a year, sell 20-30, and you get a free all expense payed for vacation to Vegas where all the "payed vacation" things apply, but this time its only you and another person, not every else.

What I am trying to say is, just because there are d-bags that exist that work for a company, does NOT mean that everyone else that does is.

And DON'T believe all this BS you are reading. Well yeah, believe it, I believe all those story's too. But thats NOT how we do it at my office. And thats that.
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