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Default Tell me if my conversion is right

Okay it seems every time my evdo connection goes dormant it has a habit of disconnecting. So I thought about it for a bit and decided to ping google to keep the connection active. I used the following command.

ping -n 13,824,000

This will keep the connection active and ping google 13,824,000 times before the program stops. I don't really know how I got that number re adding my math but that should ensure it pings all day without stopping.

Now I'm being overally conservative and will say google gets off 5, 32 byte strands per second on my connection.

So my figures were 60 seconds equal 300 pings per minute or 9600 bytes per minute.

Taking that to the hour I got 18,000 pings per hour or 648,000 bytes per hour.

And finally 24 hours at 1,080,000 pings or 34,560,000 bytes per 24 hours.

Now for the conversion 34,560,000 bytes by my calculations would equal 32.95MB per day right?

I just want to make sure I'm not forgetting to add something somewhere. The only reason I ask is I'm just curious how much of my cap I'm wasting by keeping it connected constantly.

Edit everytime I do this I get a different number here. 5 (300) = 1,500 per minute (60) = 90000 per hour (24) = 2160000 per day 2160000 (32) 69100000 bytes per day or 65.9MB per day. Grr I'm giving myself a migraine now.
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