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Thread: Fuel Prices
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Default Re: Fuel Prices

Originally Posted by mark thorpe View Post
what unit to you measure your petrol in? ours is /l of fuel. at the moment petrol is about 1.08 a liter and diesel is about 1.13 a liter.

i think you measure it in gallons over there, so in your currency it would be

2.14374 USD per liter of petrol
2.24277 USD per liter of diesel

if you do it in gallons

it is 3.785411784 UK liters to a US gallon, so for 1 US gallon we would be paying

$8.11493865783216 per gallon for petrol
$8.48980798680168 per gallon for diesel

you guys have it easy over there.... costs me about 55 to fill it up, and its a small car..
Thats a pretty crazy conversion there I knew it was a lot. One thing though whats the average wages over there? It looks like your paying a lot more but your average wage may be higher over there and they just mark it up over there.
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