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Default So, my day at school...

It was pretty exciting, I heard about yet another party that got busted by the cops.. And the fight there. Apparently, there were 2 kids from another school, and they started it. My friend sergio was leaning on the wall near a door, when the kid yelled, "Hey beaner, close that door!" And, how would any of you guys take that? Anyway, sergio, isnt big, but he is strong, and went to state for the past 3 years for wrestling, at about 106 I think. So he just says, "What did you say to me?!" And the kid from belvideere, just went up and punched him in the face. Serg started to take him on himself, until the kid ran and locked himself in his truck. Being an idiot, he decided to get out a bit later... Everyone else there was from Harvard, and friends with serg. So, as soon as the kid unlocked the truck, they all rushed him, and threw him down. Couple people have told me they got some kicks and whatnot in... As soon as he could he ran to his truck, and I heard he did the biggest fishtail ever(more then 90 degress!), drove straight through the yard, and barb wire fence, and took off. Five minute later the cops showed up...
My friends were sitting in the living room whispering, "Should we go? How should we get out?" For a little too long, when the cop came up behind them and said, "Don't bother whispering, I can still hear you." lol, but I guess they were pretty nice, made them dump everything out, and all. Most, like the keg and all, was gone, but they made them dump the rest.

So thats the stories, now for the filming we did.
We were filming upstairs after school at about 5:30, and one kid found an unlocked door. So being the immature high school kid he is, he went and drew a bong and a D**k on the board... That kid left soon after, and we, the innocent ones, were the ones that got called down to the office, but we denied it. Saying none of us did it. So we got off ok.
After that, the dean of students, who happens to like martins films, wanted to come with us for the last scene. I was supposed to take off in my truck with Walter, cause we had taken something from martin in the movie. He had ran out the fire escape and jumped in my truck. So before filming the scene, I asked Mrs. Mann(Yeah, funny name eh?) if I could do a big burnout in the school parking lot, lol. And I was joking, but she was like, yeah sure, it's for a good cause. So, we filmed it, martin was pounding on the window, and we took off. I didnt do a big burnout though... Martin was still right next to the car, and I was afraid it would fish tail, and nock him down... I though he was going to stand back a little bit after I back out...

Anyway, there are my stories. If you feel like reading.
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