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Default Re: Computer Over Heats!! Help

Originally Posted by spikey007 View Post
Since my mobo is being replaced in a couple of days, i'm just worried about the info on my hdd,and i have no way of puttin the HDD in another persons computer etc etc, so how exactly do i repair the windows file? I have a windows xp sp2 reinstallation disk , if thats the CD ROM ur talking about, SOrry i'm kind of a noob
If that is the Windows XP SP2 disk you got with the computer then yes, that is the disk I am talking about.

Simply boot from that disk (press the F12 key at the Dell splash screen, just after powering on the computer, put in the disk and select the "Optical Drive (CD/DVD)" option (I'm not sure exactly how it is listed). If your computer does not have the F12 boot option then press F2 instead to enter the BIOS (aka System Setup) to change the boot order (what devices the computer looks at for the operating system it will boot from ... the first one found to have a bootable OS "wins", which is why leaving a floppy in the drive back in the "old days" would cause problems).

Once the computer has booted from the Windows CD it will go to a blue screen with white/grey text and it will ask you if you want to do a Repair of Windows or anew installation; select the Repair option. The next question it will ask is if you want to do a Repair Installation or open the Recovery Console; select the Recovery Console option. It should ask you for the Administrator account password to enter the Recovery Console. If you did not give it a password then try pressing Enter (a blank password). If you did give it a password, you will have to enter that password to get to the Recovery Console.

Once in the Recovery Console type in "chkdsk /f /r /p" (without the quotes) and press Enter. It will then check the Windows files on your hard drive and try to repair any that are broken. Even if this fails to fix Windows, your data will still be on the drive and accessible if you put the drive in another computer as I described before.

Once it finishes its testing just exit the Recovery Console (type Exit and press Enter) and then reboot without the CD in the drive.

If anyone spots mistakes in my instructions feel free to correct me. It has been at least two years since I've walked anyone through these particular instructions.

If you have questions on these steps feel free to ask.

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