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Default Re: Just a quick question about info in sigs

Originally Posted by setishock View Post
Get More Bang With Your Buck With Waldorf PC!
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Why do we kick spammers out of our respective forums and you let things like this slide here?
Advertising is revenue the forum brings in to offset the costs of hosting, upgrades, ect. When you allow free advertising, you allow revenue to slip through your fingers. Perhaps charge $10.00 dollars a month for ads like that. Set up a paypal account. You don't pay, you don't play. You get 10 people paying $10.00 a month and that offsets a good chunk of your hosting bills.
Not trying to start any s**t, just courious.
Other forums I go to have the same idea, they charge members a certain price per month if they are using the forum to advertise. It's a sharper price though, 50$ a month. Works out nicely with 8 people paying that per month.
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