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Default Re: My 360 is on its way!

No, but I'm just saying, the 360 did.
This is still the first time its gone wrong. I didn't send it off for ages, haha, but now its back, I can play my games again!

The service centre said not to place the hard drive in the package, yet, it says in the letter that 'where possible, the data on your hard drive has been left unchanaged'

They never said to put one in so I didn't!

I am happy with the repair speed though. Its took just more than a week to complete.

Having the motherboard go, definetly tells me that the electricity in the Curry's store I tested TV's with wasn't helping matters (I believe the store shorted it), but, maybe that process speeded up the dying and I would have missed the 3 years otherwise.
Or maybe its my power supply box they also said not to place in the package, and when I plug it in now, it'll short again...

Well anyway, time to buy Burnout Paradise
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