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Default Re: Help me pick out a new phone!

Wow thanks for the great input! I agree with your thoughts on the Iphone I doubt I'd get one but its one of there better phones so I threw it up there.

As for the Blackberries there kind of clunky for my tastes. I like the ones with the fold up keyboards. Although your right I've looked at the spec's on some of them but they still look and feel a bit awkward to me.

Quick question about the tilt. What do you mean about to serious for you like just a lot of features you wouldn't use?

I'm not a business user just a enthusiast that likes having toys with features. Like I said my main features I want are a good browser, email, maybe a word document, a media player, and I'd like something that could stream audio/video as well. As far as the other stuff which is standard in all phones like a calculator, alarm clock etc. Its got to have blue tooth which pretty much everything has these days and a decent overall capacity. I'm going to replace my little MP3 player and use whatever phone I get for that as well.

Also a better camera would be nice. Quick shots out in about on my Razr sucks since there such low quality.
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