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Default Re: Help me pick out a new phone!

The Voyager is alright...I've played around with it a bit and it just seems like a polished up EnV to me. Dunno about the SCH-i760 or XV6800.

As for the's fun to play with, but all it does is play games while the big boys do serious work. After all, the intarnetz is serious business.
The Duo is supposed to be nice, but I heard the build quality is decent and it's a bit bulky cause of the dual keyboard/pad.

I was thinking about getting the AT&T Tilt, but it's a bit too serious for me...
I would suggest you consider BlackBerries too. The Curve and 8800 are very nice phones and you always get the same service that powers all those corporations who use BlackBerries as a corporate lifeline. If you're not a serious business user, the Curve is a great phone. It has great media playability and it has great push email like all RIM phones. It's worth considering.
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