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Default Help me pick out a new phone!

Okay so my contract with Cell One is up in April and I've started looking at phones. Ironically when I called CS to get info regarding the remainder of my contract a rep called me back and informed me AT&T bought them out. So technically I can start a new contract and void my current one if I stick with AT&T with no penalty's.

So I've been looking at both AT&T phones and Verizon phones. Sprint service really sucks in my area so there not a option. I've narrowed it down to 6 phones. I want something with that can store music and use for email etc. I for sure want a keyboard with whatever I get. I had internet on my Razr and hated pressing buttons over and over just to get a letter. After a few months of that I decided to drop it until I got one with a keyboard.

Also does anyone know were I can get a wide selection of Nokia phones at? Because all Nokia phones on there selections are cheapo's. I was trying to find like the Nokia 9500 on a plan but I can't find them. But anyways here are the phones i've been looking at.

Just looking for some input from some of you guys that probally have one of these phones and what you would get. I really don't want to spend over $400 on a phone which is why I'm looking at them on plans since I can renew without a penalty anyways.

I've been kind of leaning towards the LG Voyager but the thing that worrys me is that its going to end up like the razr. I got my Razr a while back when they were new and only a few people had them. Now everyone has the damn things and I just want to frisby toss mine against a brick wall. For some reason I think the same thing will happen with the Voyager when the price drops. I hate having a phone everyone else has. Thats why I've been looking at some other options. I thought about a Motorola Q as well which I do like but there a little bit dated.

Verizon Phones

LG Voyager $299.99

Samsung SCH-i760 $349.99

Verizon Wireless XV6800

AT&T Phones

Apple iPhone $399.99

Pantech Duo $199.99

AT&T Tilt $299.99
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