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Thread: WTB some RAM
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Default WTB some RAM

My computer has a 40g hard drive and 512mb of ram. now of this 40g about 36g is being used therefore you can imagine trying to load much of these things at 512mb. Therefore I'm wanting to buy about 1g of ram to add to this computer. the memory type is: CP2700(333MHz) or PC3200(400MHz) DDR SDRAM.

If any1 has some laying around or knows a good place I could get it cheap. Thanks.

EDIT:I have browsed around and I have seen a case of where a person got scammed: as for this, if you are interested in selling me the RAM I would like an e-mail with a detailed account of exactly what you are selling me and for how much + address. I just don't like the fact of people scamming and i don't want it happening to me.
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