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Default Building a htpc thing

Not really a htpc, but more like a computer that will use my TV as a screen.

I got all the parts (gonna use my am2 build with the fried mobo) except for the mobo. I am looking at a mATX biostar mobo, am2, 4 slots ddr2, pci-e slot. Has onboard HDMI which is a plus.

I need some suggestions, i can probably spend a bit of money since this will be a PC for my whole family to share pretty much.

It's gona use the onboard GPU, since it has a hdmi port on the mobo, and my TV has hdmi.

Alright, heres the solids.

Biostar mATX mobo, onboard hdmi
5000+ x2
2GB 6400 ram
160GB hd

Thats all I got sofar.

Theres no way to get an ethernet cable to the comp, so I guess I will go with a belkin wireless usb adapter (I already have a w. router)

Obviously I got the monitor and speakers already.

Umm, now here goes the questions


1. What is a good case to use? Heres a pic of my TV (i'd like to find a case that will fit ontop of/next to the receiver)

2. What kind of keyboard/mouse should I get? Something wireless, but rechargable would be nice, something with a nice range, and the mouse would have to have a good eye (I want to use it without a mouse pad on a shiny smooth wooden table)

3. How can I get the best quality with my TV? (46" sony 16:9, 1080i)

4. Is there anything else I need?
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