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Default Re: Looking into possibility of Overclocking my new computer

Originally Posted by GhostGT View Post
Running strong at 2.8Ghz right now!

Temperatures seem to have gone down actually, even though my window IS open and its 40* here in SoCal. My temps were apprx the same with my window closed. This is great! I might stick to this today, then try 3.0Ghz tomorrow once I get home from school.

I wonder how far I can take this...


CPU: 28*
Core 1: 42*
Core 2: 44*
Core 3: 38*
Core 4: 40*

Cryman, thanks for all the help. Rep points added.
You lucky fellow.. my bios are locked, as i got an OEM computer Bet my CPU couldn't clock like that beauty though
I ask alot of questions. A +Rep is in order for all those who can put up with them.
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