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Default Re: Kentsfield 6600 started to climb temp sitting at idle!

On another note..... been an awesome night...

turns out my power supply fan is dead... It turns on every now and then, but is allowing a heat build up. I have an external stanley floor fan pointed into the case, and temps have dropped to 27C at idle... 31-35 under load...

Until I can call coolermaster tomorrow and get a new one, I'll keep running it like this...

Ive had bigger issues tonight though. My external with all my important data got messed up. I was troubleshooting the comp ( which had removable devices at first boot option ) and missed the "press del to enter setup" screen, so I ctrl+alt+del and must have hit the exact point where I could mess up the external...

When windows loaded afterwards, it said unrecognized usb device, please replace, and was in a constant read loop when hooked to another laptop, and computer. I've got it running chk dsk on my other computer...

it said

file record segment 1500 is unreadable.
file record segment 1501 is unreadable.
file record segment 1502 is unreadable.
file record segment 1504 is unreadable.
file record segment 1540 is unreadable.
file record segment 1567 is unreadable.
file record segment 4050 is unreadable.
file record segment 4051 is unreadable.
file record segment 4052 is unreadable.
file record segment 4073 is unreadable.

etc... it listed a lot more than that. I'm assuming they got corrupted or something. Anyways, the thing is stuck n file verification complete...

Looks like I may have to use linux to pull data off the hard drive, as windows won't read it, with the errors...

Which makes me extremely angry. Anyways, any suggestions on that... Should I reboot the comp and see if it reads it?

I hardwired it into the comp on the IDE, and it read the correct amount of data, but when you explored it, there was nothign there.. ( said 74gb full ) which is correct. So everything is there.... just blocked from view with windows it seems....

Has not been a good week. I really need the data off that external..
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