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Default Re: what my family learned today

Originally Posted by Rudster816 View Post
today when im in my room, im going to print sometime (the printer is right next to my sister computer) that says "did i scare you" because she has no idea that i can print stuff from my room now we got a printer for x-mas and i had to set it up to share and stuff.

i also have to remove limewire (my sister broke her game, he tried to fix that good intentions, he hasnt been too computer literate lately, he use to be right up there with the best though) virus's from my dad's computer.....although i think a reinstall would be better if i could find our OS disks
yea, my sister's computer needs that.... too bad she thinks the only solution is to buy a new prebuilt computer because she says I f*** everything up and that is why I have to use hers to print (too bad 98se doesn't print share with xp)
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