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Thread: crazyday
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Default Re: crazyday

hold up you messed up youe car through a crash that was completely your own fault so you have an ingenious idea why not get an even more powerfull car oh yer dude that is a great idea right there

i mean honestly i wouldnt even let you buy a car again you could have quite easilly hurt someone else a lot taking your eyes off the road whilst driving but in particular at 75 wow just stupid completely should have your license taken off you

and what difference does it make that you have a 60" tv , all we are talking about here is your innability to be able to drive a car
Originally Posted by Rudster816 View Post
because they use a different version of the english language

sekol is from the states, otherwise i doubt he would have stated his speed in MPH, no where else on earth uses MPH, cause the US is BA.
We do use MPH over here in car speedo's how can you even say we dont if you havent every been over here
and thats the kinda attitude i hat thinking your country is the best in the world
and in fact english actually comes from yer you guessed it england so you actually use a different version of our language
Originally Posted by Rudster816 View Post
just because we have different opnions doesnt mean one is wrong and one is wrong. it just means i would do things differently than you. i think you should never have a kid before your married, because what if you break up?
My parents arent married and have been together 18 nearly 19 years now i actually think getting married is a stupid idea cos how can signing a piece of paper make you love someone more ?
and that piece of paper dosent suddenly make it impossible to break up i have a few friends whose parents have broke up so marriage dosent make any difference
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