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Default Re: Have you ever been so bored...

Originally Posted by Rudster816 View Post
ever been so bored you fell asleep at a decent hour?
Only a handful of times...

Ever been so bored you decided to rearrange your room? Clean your car?

I did rearrange my room not too long ago (was going to do it on Saturday, but was so bored Friday night I had nothing much to do Saturday morning), and cleaned out my car of 24 Whataburger cups from work... Last time I cleaned it out it was 16... As far as washing it, haven't done that since July or August, rain did that for me recently.

I'm never actually bored enough to finish stuff that needs to get done though, such as the script for my next film, or even my homework. I usually just browse the net and find weird sites with random facts or whatever...
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