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Thread: Car Thread!
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Default Re: Car Thread! (unstuck)

My landlord has the CLK Mercedes too, but it's not the AMG version. It's a special edition "baby blue" CLK convertible. She told me that is was one of a kind and the only other person to have that same car was Nicole Kidman, the actress. I was like, "yeah right, whatever", lol.

I drove her car a few times before. It hauls ass. Every gear you go through, you can hear the....."vrooooom, shhh, vrommmmm, shhhhh, vrooooomm shhhhh, etc". There's no turbo under there because it's NA, but it sounds wonderful. It's performance you can actually 'hear' unlike most other cars that try to muffle it way too damn much. Come on, let the engine breathe, lol. THat's I want an exhaust system on my car.
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