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Default Re: Screenshot of in-game performance

Originally Posted by MikeReiner View Post

On another note, I don't see why the game is running so bad for you.
My AMD64 4200+ x2 and GeForce 7600GT run gears of war and the UT3 demo pretty damn well in my opinion. 40+ FPS with a decent performance-quality ratio (800x600 with most settings on either high or medium)
Your dual core CPU helps you the most. There's nothing wrong with my video card. It's the other parts of my PC that's creating the bottleneck. Check out this screenshot. There is just something about this special screen that jacks up the resources. Look at my GPU temp!!!!! Almost 100 degrees, lol. Yeah, burn out please......

*Fact: Microsoft Window's Blue Screen of Death vs's White Screen of Death. Which is worse?
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