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Default Funny/interesting videos thread!

Hey I thought it'd be a cool idea to create a thread that lists videos that are funny or interesting and aren't too long. So far, I went through 1k of clips listed on Myspace and I'll start with what I've chosen. Please share any videos from websites such as Youtube or CollegeHumor and paste the link here, then I'll add them to this first post so it's easier, thanks.

Warning: Not all videos are guaranteed to be PG-13, some may contain swearing.


Motorcycle jumps plane:

Soundwave visible after explosion:

Kid hit in head by long basketball shot:

Guy nailed in the face with very unlucky soccer shot:

Worrying way to land a plane:

Fat kid throws a hissyfit after being shot with paintballs:

Strange cat reacting to being scratched on her rear:

Entertaining cats compilation

Crazy cat lady

Joking around at the airport:


Paintball headshot:

Slamball accident:

Peanut butter jelly time at the Devil Rays game:
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