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Cool South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Has anyone saw this movie? I've only watched 15 minutes of it (I got it for about $10 on DVD from Amazon) and so far it's hilarious even with all the Canada hating. I'm a fan of the South Park series but I don't watch it on TV because it's never on except in the middle of the night but I'm getting some of the seasons on DVD.

Some random facts on the movie:

The movie's use of profanity gained it a spot in the 2002 edition of Guinness World Records for "Most Swearing in an Animated Film" (399 profane words, including 146 uses of fuck, 80 uses of shit, and 67 uses of bitch, 128 offensive gestures and 221 acts of violence).

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park's creators, claim that the movie was originally titled South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose but that the MPAA forced a title change. Parker and Stone countered with South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut as the title.

The film was also banned in Iraq, for its depiction of Saddam Hussein as Satan's lover. While the real Saddam was on trial for genocide charges in 2006, Matt Stone joked that the U.S. military was showing the movie repeatedly to the former dictator.

Film critics were generally enthusiastic about the film as an intelligent and entertaining piece of political satire (81% at Rotten Tomatoes). The Globe and Mail justified giving the movie four stars by saying it was so over the top that it transcended any concept of bad taste and was thus a work of brilliance.

While the film was a critical success, it wasn't a tremendous box office success. The film only grossed $53.79 million. However, the film managed to make around a $31.77 million profit but not achieve the blockbuster status of Paramountís other animated TV adaptation, The Rugrats Movie, released several months before. Perhaps the film's R rating worked against it; in a commentary for an episode of South Park, Matt & Trey claim that teenagers would buy tickets for Wild Wild West, a PG-13 movie released at the same time, and would sneak in to the South Park movie. [citation needed]

Trey Parker in a VH1 special said he heard that Stephen Sondheim, famed musical theater composer and lyricist, thinks South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut is the best musical he's seen in the past 15 years. Parker joked about writing Sondheim a response saying, "We think you've done some good work, too."

The film caused little controversy in Canada even though it poked fun at the country. Canadian Consul General (and former Prime Minister) Kim Campbell noted that the song "Blame Canada" did not offend her since it was clearly a silly satirical song not intended to insult her country. Well-known Canadian singer Anne Murray allayed concern about the fact that the song referred to her as a "bitch" by indicating that she wasn't offended by the tongue-in-cheek lyric. Murray was invited to sing the song on the Oscar telecast but declined due to a prior commitment. Robin Williams ended up singing it.
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