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Default Re: Home built comp wont boot, nada, zip zero

What I would do, Is take everything out of your case. Start with the basics, only the CPU (with heatsink of course), RAM (one stick), and if needed a video card. Short the power jumpers on the motherboard and see if the computer turns on. Even if the RAM is bad, you should get some sort of responce (fan spins, beeps, something).

If the comptuer turns on, but no video, try the other RAM stick. If it does not turn on, you either A shorted the wrong jumpers, or B you have a bad motherboard.

If everything works, slowly add more components to the mix, by adding one at a time untill everything is plugged in. If it works outside your case, there is no reason it shouldn't work inside the case. If you put it in your case and it then stops to work, you either have a case short, or have the power button cable hooked up to the wrong jumpers.
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