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Default Re: Well, I have 614 rep, but no seventh bar..

Originally Posted by AllThingsSacred View Post
The reputation system, I feel, is fatally flawed both by design and implementation.

People give each other reputation points for no tangible reason whatsoever, it is usually given out between friends as returned favours and arguments break out over it. It is both petty and a little bit sad to see arguments like that, similarly with post counts. Remember the old adage "quality over quantity"? Some here seem to be unable to recall this.

Those who brag about having more reputation than someone else, well, ask yourself this; is it deserved? Does it have any real world meaning? Are you really that successful and popular in real life? Are your posts complete and utter nonsense or are they meaningful and free of vitriol?
Oh, they are utter nonsense and absolutely FILLED with vitriol.

Meh, I am predicting that out of the 614 rep I have, I have around 200/250 for computer stuff and the rest from the Social.
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