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Default Re: I chose AMD over Intel for my $750 first build but I need help choosing a process

Originally Posted by windowsvista View Post
can we see it when it is built
yeah sure! I'd post it as gallery thread but that may not be for 1-3 months, just so you know.

Originally Posted by freestyler105 View Post
The 8600GT is a pretty bad video card for newer games. What games do you plan on playing with this computer?
Basically only Counter Strike Source online and The Sims 2 with most expansion packs installed. So I wouldn't really be playing the new games like Bioshock, Assassins Creed etc, highly CPU demanding games. I'm getting sick of Role Playing games (apart from TS2), I was never a big fan of Real Time Strategy games basically just First Person Shooters for me!

The RAM is okay, but this G.Skill RAM gives you $15 off if you get an AMD processor so then get the AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ for $200 for the combo.
That does look good but sorry when I went to register with NewEgg the other day I HAD to pick an American state but I live in South Australia so I googled it cause I couldn't find their shipping policy on their site and it says that don't ship internationally. I just like using the website because of the large range of product it hosts you know.

However, that motherboard looks really good and I've seen the PSU before, I wondered if there was anything else but I'll use that one then.

I'm still wondering what the difference is between the Athlon processors being named 'Orleans, Toledo, San Diego, Manchester, Venice, Windsor, Lancaster, Brisbane' & etc. Can somebody fill me in or link me to an online resource before I decide on buying something? Otherwise the Processor Freestyler105 suggested looks very good!
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