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Default System Stability...not very stable huh? (Fixed I think :D)

Ran the Everest Stress Test today, to see if my computer could run stable with all hard drives running/memory, etc. couldn't.

I'm going Microdirect tommorow and will probably take 1 hard drive plus the RAM, as 1 hard drive has been clicking and resetting the comp, and then fails to power up 2 or 3 times...

This is what I got after only 58 seconds:

Sorry about compression, and I also messed the image about, to make it fit in a smaller image, so its not as displayed in the program:

Bad or what?!

One of the CPU's cores temps reached 51 degrees but thats not it.
Is there any way of finding out what caused the crash within Everest. Maybe a log it automatically creates?

I tried each one individually and it didnt crash...
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