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Default Re: Budget or Luxury

Originally Posted by DJ-CHRIS View Post
I converted into dollars, hence why you see a dollar sign and not a pound sign
O right then .
For about 400 you can still get a decent build . Maybe not the best but it would do the job very well
If you buy an 800 rig then you are gonna get a very good system . Very high end and great for gaming
It all depends though , if you are like me and dont game then you dont realy need quad core , 4 gigs of ram and a 8800 you will be better off just getting a 400 rig wwhich will prolly do you for a good 5 years
Whereas if you game a 400 rig might last 12months top before its time to upgrade . But by selling the 400 rig for 250-300 the new rig isnt gonna cost as much and so on and so on every 12months selling the old rig
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