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Default Re: Someone's Coming For Me?

The full story: One day 5 people had seperate ipod sites.. drum, me, willkill, allipodhax, and ipodgamez. I and allipodhax decided to merge but unsuccesfully did so. Same with ipodgamez/willkill but did so. Allipod/me decided to team up with willkill/ipodgamez just so we can have a good site. Then something came up with drumthrasher not giving WILLKILL and IPODGAMEZ NO credit on cracking the games. He did not listen thus he did not crack the games. Then, he was making rumours how bad our site was. Also, it has been proven he stole some tutorial and made the links his own. Then he took the site and said allipodhax sucks go here (he removed it to get rid of the evidence and linked it to his site) i tried to change it with the username/password allipodhax gave me but drum changed it cause we told him so he can help us get our site up. He must of reset the password so we could not change it. So before he changed it he said bad things about us. AND THE LINKS SAYS allipodhax that is ALLIPODHAX's Page he should stop messin with it. Now he is saying how bad we are. We are gonna report him but he got rid of most the evidence. Allipodhax was just pissed with drum thats all!
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